How to Choose CRM Software for Your Business

Mark J

Updated · Jul 14, 2010

If your customer list has outgrown your Rolodex, then there is business software that will help you. This article on Inc. offers tips and advice on how to select the right customer relationship management (CRM) software for your business.

“Beyond managing customer relationships, Raju Vegesna, executive evangelist for Zoho, a Pleasanton, California-based online CRM company, said that if a small business owner needs to keep track of other pieces of customer information such as contracts, invoices, and e-mails, for example, then, ‘A CRM system comes in handy in such situations as it helps you aggregate all customer related information in a single place.’

“Additionally, Vegesna pointed out if small business owners frequently personalize and e-mail customers manually, or they have no idea of the status of each customer in the pipeline, then that’s another sign they’ll need a CRM system.”

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