HP Announces SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence Services

EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

Updated · May 18, 2010

HP has recently announced a new suite of business intelligence (BI) services in support of environments running the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) component. In its news release HP said the services help clients reduce their hardware footprint and make faster decisions by allowing quicker access to that data through a single view.

The suite of services includes four separate assessment services that help customers understand the business opportunity, technology roadmap and cost benefits of a modernized and consolidated BI architecture.

“New HP Business Intelligence Assessment Services for Use with SAP solutions allow clients to connect their data and use their business information strategically. As a complete solution provider for environments that include SAP solutions, HP prepares clients with a roadmap to a single enterprise data warehouse infrastructure through an HP Neoview Advantage implementation that extends support of SAP NetWeaver BW to include non-SAP data.

“HP and SAP continue to drive more benefits from the integration of the HP Neoview Advantage enterprise data warehouse platform with the SAP NetWeaver BW. The integration provides customers with the flexibility to deploy SAP NetWeaver BW or BI-driven analytic applications from SAP on the HP Neoview platform. The HP Neoview Advantage platform provides a highly scalable database platform, allowing customers to store, manage and access huge volumes of data.”

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