HP Builds New Big Data HAVEn

Sean Michael

Updated · Jun 12, 2013

HP is expanding its existing Big Data solution set with a new offering known as HAVEn.

HAVEn is an acronym that stands for Hadoop, Autonomy Vertica, Enterprise Security and ‘n’ solutions.

HP Autonomy IDOL, HP Vertica Analytics Platform, HP ArcSight Logger and HP Operations Manager are the core components of the HAVEn solution. The Hadoop piece of the equation is provided by way of a joint offering with Cloudera, Hortonworks and Mapr.

“HAVEn is not a product; it is a platform,” Chris Selland, vice president, Marketing for Vertica at HP, explained to Enterprise Apps Today. “HAVEn can be deployed on HP’s infrastructure, including HP AppSystem appliances and HP Cloud Services.”

HP announced an AppSystem targeted at Big Data deployments in December of last year, including the compute, storage and networking components.

Selland noted that clients have the option to purchase various elements of HAVEn based on their specific needs—the platform does not need to include all elements. Though the technology components are important Selland stressed that HAVEn is ultimately much bigger than technology – it’s an open platform for developing and deploying the solutions needed to drive business transformation and success.

“The goal of HAVEn is to allow HP customers and partners to develop, deploy and succeed with next-generation Big Data-ready, analytics-enabled applications and solutions,” Selland said.

HP already has at least one example of an integrated Big Data analytics solution built on HAVEn. HP Operations Analytics is a new Big Data analytics solution specifically for IT operations. It enables clients to collect, manage and analyze massive streams of IT operational data from different sources in one centralized location, Selland explained. The system can then provide actionable insight to help IT maximize the performance of business services.

Moving forward, Selland said HP will release more solutions built on HAVEn, as will HP partners.

“HP partners will be instrumental in delivering on the vision of HAVEn, as they leverage its core technologies to create new Big Data analytics applications and solutions designed to meet tailored use cases, industry and customer needs,” Selland said.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Apps Today and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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