HP Snags Analytics Player Vertica

Kenneth Corbin

Updated · Feb 14, 2011

Computing giant HP on Monday announced the acquisition of Vertica, a privately held firm specializing in business intelligence and analytics services.

HP (NYSE: HPQ) boasts that the acquisition will boost its ability to parse through massive data sets and provide corporate clients with analytics and business insights in near real-time.

“In today’s highly competitive environment, customers need the ability to manage the increasing amounts of data and growing streams of information with more flexible, more dynamic architectures,” Shane Robison, HP’s executive vice president and chief strategy and technology officer, said in a statement. “Vertica’s unique platform combines simplicity with industry-leading performance, allowing HP to leap ahead of the industry in the race to analyze massive amounts of data.”

Vertica’s signature technology offers an alternative to the traditional relational database model that performs a high volume of queries concurrently, which the company claims delivers as much as a tenfold advantage in load time. Vertica touts a hybrid architecture that queries information stored in-memory and on-disk for a given analytics event. The resulting latency reduction aims to help retailers plan their inventories or financial firms execute transactions in near real-time, for instance, what HP calls “just-in-time” business intelligence.

“Today, information is generated continuously around the world, and as a result, overnight batch windows of loading data are a luxury of the past,” Vertica says on its website. “Organizations must be able to load information into their analytics platform nonstop, while simultaneously allowing access to the data for rich analytics.”

Based in Billerica, Mass., Vertica boasts a roster of more than 300 global clients that span a range of sectors, including Twitter, Bank of America and BlueCross BlueShield.

Vertica launched in 2005, and brought its relational database alternative technology to market in 2007.

HP said it expects to close the transaction in the second quarter of its fiscal year. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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