HP Woos Digital Marketers with Testing Solution

Paul Ferrill

Updated · May 20, 2014

HP Autonomy has launched HP Optimost VisualTest, a self-service A/B/n testing offering that helps marketers determine the most effective combinations of digital content by market and customer segment, resulting in greater engagement, conversions and revenue.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering includes an intuitive visual-editing application that lets marketers choose any Web page and open it in the design tool to easily create and run A/B/n tests within Web pages. The dashboard for HP Optimost VisualTest includes analytics that leverage data from multiple marketing systems and channels, as well as segmentation and behavioral analytics to identify hidden patterns and emerging trends in customer behavior.

“The simple WYSIWYG interface lets us see the visual effect of proposed changes as we make them without having to rely on IT. This means that we can run more tests with less drag and less impact on internal resources, allowing us to increase conversions and revenue without the usual bottlenecks,” said Vince King, senior director, Product, for HP Autonomy customer Cars.com, in a statement.

HP Optimost VisualTest includes these features:

  • A global single-tag deployment architecture that helps users quickly prepare pages for testing with a single line of code, reducing the need to rely on IT to run tests.
  • Advanced filters that allow marketers to drill down and analyze data from multiple data sources to uncover deeper insights and understand customer behavior.
  • Real-time analytics capabilities from the HP Digital Marketing Hub that facilitate tracking campaign performance with tailored KPIs to measure success from testing pages in real time.
  • The ability to download and share reports with the rest of the organization.

The solution is offered as either a self-service SaaS or as a managed service that is backed by a team of experienced consultants.

“HP Optimost VisualTest brings together two traditionally separate markets — simple, SaaS-based digital marketing and sophisticated, multichannel, Big Data analytics,” said Rafiq Mohammadi, general manager, Marketing Optimization, HP Autonomy. “Together, this solution will help customers generate dramatic improvements in usiness performance.”

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