HubSpot Adds Lead-Based Email Marketing

Mark J

Updated · May 18, 2010

HubSpot has announced the addition of email marketing to its online inbound marketing software, giving marketers a one-stop solution to increase lead generation and conversion. According to the company's recent blog post, the new email marketing feature allows marketers to quickly and easily send emails and newsletters to individual leads or entire segments of their database, extending their relationship and drawing prospects back to their site.

“‘HubSpot's software continues to pleasantly surprise our marketing team,' said Jared Mostoller, marketer and HubSpot user at docSTAR, a leading document management software provider. ‘We recently needed to increase registrations to a webinar and found the new email marketing feature to be a quick and easy solution to reach out to our leads. It was tied into our existing leads application and just worked. We plan to use it for more communication campaigns going forward and are excited about other new features in the works.'

“HubSpot's email capabilities also include lead nurturing, giving marketers the ability to send a series of automated emails tailored to specific segments of leads to continue engaging them over time. This allows companies to continue a dialogue with prospects until they are truly sales ready, ensuring that sales people only call the most qualified leads to ultimately increase sales and marketing effectiveness.”

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