Hyperion Enhances eCRM Analysis Applications

eCRMGuide.com Staff

Updated · Feb 20, 2001

SUNNYVALE, CA–Hyperion, a business analysis application software devloper, has announced new versions of four eCRM analysis applications. The company says these products give businesses the ability to optimize their CRM and e-business investments by integrating, analyzing, and understanding customer attributes and behaviors across all customer touch points.

According to Hyperion, the upgraded products include Hyperion Web Site Analysis Suite, Hyperion Customer Interaction Center, Hyperion Field Service Analysis and Hyperion Product Quality Analysis. The company says Version 2.0 of these applications brings to market:

  • True thin client distribution implementation through the customer’s Intranet.
  • Enhanced User Interface with improved look and feel across all products in the suite.
  • Batch static reporting and ad-hoc email reporting, providing seamless distribution of information to all constituents.
  • Improved flexibility in directory and report definitions.
  • Enhanced dynamic content support.

“We are very impressed with the capabilities of Hyperion Customer Interaction Center,” said Sherry Anglin, vice president of Customer Support and Services, Internet Security Systems (ISS), a provider of security management solutions for the Internet. “By analyzing historical patterns, studying trends, and forecasting future usage with Hyperion Customer Interaction Center, we have been able to better understand the variables that impact customer service and to improve our service modules and enhance the customer experience.”

Hyperion says its eCRM Analysis applications provide Web-based customer analysis across all customer touch points and all business channels and allows users to modify business processes to attract and retain more customers, to increase customer profitably, to serve customers more efficiently and to improve overall business performance.

“Increasingly, our customers want to improve their long-term customer relationships by understanding the interactions between customers and service representatives,” said Mindy Fiorentino, vice president of marketing for Hyperion’s eCRM products. “Hyperion Field Service Analysis helps organizations to understand exactly what services they are providing, how successful it is, and where it is impacting profitability.”

The company says Hyperion Customer Interaction Center 2.0, Hyperion Product Quality Analysis 2.0 and Hyperion Field Services Analysis 2.0 are available immediately. Hyperion Web Site Analysis Suite 2.0 will be available from February 28th. Platforms/OS versions supported are: Unix, Windows 9x, Windows NT SP 5 or higher, Windows 2000. RDBMS vendors supported are: Microsoft SQL Server SP1 or higher, Oracle 7.3.x or 8.0.x.

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