IBM Accelerates Its Analytics Business

Mark J

Updated · Oct 27, 2010

With IBM investing $14 billion in acquiring 24 analytics companies and revenue for IBM’s Business Analytics and Optimization unit expected to double over the next five years, who can keep up? As reported on Information Week, the battle won’t be won or lost on the fact that IBM in the past year has almost doubled to 7,000 its in-house roster of full-time business consultants or on the fact that IBM has 200 mathematicians and 10,000 software developers devoted exclusively to expanding and refining IBM’s extensive product line for this high-growth business.

“But when you put all those pieces together, and then add on top some of the customer testimonials IBM is compiling, it’s clear that the game’s going to get very tough out there for companies that don’t have distinctly differentiated products, market segments, and solutions in the dynamic analytics market.

“That’s why yesterday’s kickoff of IBM’s Business Analytics Forum represents more than just the beginning of yet another industry event: I think we can look on it now, and will certainly look back on it later, as the beginning of a new era for how the IT industry defines analytics within our own closed confines.”

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