IBM Aims SmartCloud Analytics at the C-Suite

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · Jun 19, 2013

High-level executives aren’t only bigwigs around the office, they are also emerging as VIPs in IBM’s efforts to drive adoption of its SmartCloud portfolio of cloud-based enterprise software offerings.

IBM unveiled new cloud application suites targeted at C-level executives, including chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief financial officers (CFOs). IBM Smarter Commerce head, Paul Papas, asserts that the applications, some of which are backed by the company’s investments in Big Data and social media analytics, puts insight-generating, potentially profit-boosting tools in the hands of business leaders.

“The cloud opportunity is helping C-suite leaders reshape customer experience,” said Papas in a company statement. “As part of IBM’s digital front office strategy, we see these 100 cloud applications as a way for business leaders to improve customer experience, reach new customers, generate new revenue streams and become more competitive in their industry,” he added.

IBM grouped the 100 SmartCloud applications into nine C-level-themed cloud suites, each of which is defined by the role, business function or department they support. They include, as per the company:

  • Chief Marketing Officers to analyze, understand, and engage customers in highly relevant, interactive dialogues across digital, social and traditional marketing channels with digital analytics and marketing automation capabilities from offerings such as IBM Marketing Center.
  • Sales and eCommerce leaders to drive omnichannel B2C sales linking mobile, social, Web, and on-site locations. B2B sales executives and departments use IBM’s sales cloud to manage quotes, negotiate contracts, and strengthen sales performance analytics.
  • Customer care and support executives to develop unique service and retention techniques with faster, personalized customer conversations afforded by IBM Watson Engagement Advisor.
  • Chief Procurement Officers to strategically manage spend, contracts, and entire supplier ecosystems translating into bottom-line savings for the business.
  • Chief Supply Chain Officers and their departments to improve transparency and efficiency across the value chain to enable the organization to profitably satisfy dynamic customer demand.
  • General Counsel and other legal professionals to streamline contract management processes, and strengthen intellectual property and risk analytics to better serve their internal and external stakeholders.
  • Chief Financial Officers and corporate treasuries to make more analytical, risk-aware decisions supporting revenue, expenses, and compensation processes.
  • Chief Human Resource Officers to find, analyze, source and acquire the best talent and to partner with the rest of the C-suite to enable a Smarter Workforce with internal and inter-company collaboration using IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.
  • Chief Information Officers to include these cloud solutions needed by the lines-of-business in a comprehensive IT strategy that ensures security, flexibility in deployment options, hybrid environment integrations.

The IT systems and services giant also took the lid off new cloud software for CMOs, IBM Social Media Analytics. The product gauges consumer sentiment across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums, allowing marketers to tweak campaigns and service levels to help them manage the buying public’s reception to their products.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at Enterprise Apps Today and Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez

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