Improve CRM Records Search with SearchDummy Fields

Mark J

Updated · Sep 30, 2010

For the most part CRM systems offer simple Boolean keyword searches that often return search results that are too narrow and exclude obvious items. This Network World offers SearchDummy tips for getting more out of your CFRM records search.

“If You Can't See the Name of a Referenced Object, You Might Need a SearchDummy. Even though the CRM screens and reports present related items as human-readable strings, they are typically stored as a pointer referencing another table (e.g., the “account” field in the contact table is actually a foreign key from the account table). So if users try to search for all the people who work at an account, the result set will be meager or even empty. They don't want to (or may not be able to) write a report just to quickly spot who works at XYZcorp, particularly when they don't remember exactly how to spell the company name.”

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