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Updated · Jan 03, 2002

Contact center and customer support solutions from Eyretel enabled Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU), a $1 billion credit union with over 150,000 members, to dramatically improve their service to customers in nine months. TFCU’s customer care center is the main contact point for customers requiring multiple levels of service ranging from simple account information to mortgage and car loan approval.

“In the polls we did, we found the majority of our members wanted to do business with TFCU on the phone – whether from their offices or home,” said Traci Davis, senior member service supervisor of TFCU. “So when we researched a new recording and monitoring system, we knew we needed one that would help us identify and use our best agents as models for better performance.” Improvements at the credit union include:

  • Member satisfaction survey scores that range between 90 and 95 percent.
  • Unnecessary or inappropriate transfers of customers were decreased by 34 percent. This reduction can be attributed to more stringent expectations established through performance evaluation and reporting.
  • Call handling skills for direct customer contact increased by 33 percent according to proficiency scores. The improvements were linked to consistent agent evaluation and feedback as well as the agents’ desire for personal growth within a growing department.
  • The average wrap time after each call was reduced from 40 seconds to 18 seconds, and can be attributed to training agents to recognize scenarios for customer solutions quickly and empowering them to act upon those strategies effectively.
  • The number of escalated calls that had to be handled by middle or senior management decreased by 26 percent. The reduction was attributed to the improved call handling skills.
  • Mission critical errors for key transactions such as stop payments on checks and transfers decreased by 21 percent.
  • Cross- and up-selling opportunities such as loan promotions and insurance were capitalized by 5 percent.

TFCU installed Eyretel’s MediaStore, eWare, Unify, and QualityCall for their customer care, credit, and collections departments. All departments record 100 percent of customer calls so they can always have access to the information they need, plus they have the ability to initiate record on demand.

MediaStore holds all the data relating to a customer interaction in a single unified database. Voice recordings, screen images and call detail records are stored together, and the flexible software architecture supports high traffic volumes from multiple media sources.

eWare is a software suite that manages the MediaStore recorders in the entire system, presenting them as a single, enterprise-wide recording and retrieval service. It is designed to speed up and simplify the process of searching through, replaying and monitoring customer contact records.

Unify recording control software enables MediaStore to be integrated with third-party call-routing software and other CRM systems. Unify is used to “tag” call records with relevant business, and can also be used to control recording.

QualityCall aids in developing agents that are proficient in e-mail, Web chat, and assisted Web browsing, with good communication skills for dealing with more complex queries. QualityCall scores and monitors performance across the whole range of media.

Tinker Federal Credit Union is based at the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma with 14 locations in the state. Established in 1946, TFCU has 62 agents in their customer care, collections, and credit card departments.

Eyretel is a global provider of voice and data recording and analysis solutions for contact centers. Its comprehensive suite of recording, quality monitoring, analysis products and services both support and enhance the customer experience management (CEM) activities in contact centers. Worldwide clients include The Regence Group, Canon ITS, Global Crossing, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, ANZ Investment Bank, CGU, and HCA-The Healthcare Company.

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