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Updated · Oct 04, 2001

Online business publication,, will implement KANA Response from CRM provider, KANA. With KANA e-mail management already in place, can handle the 4,000+ inquiry e-mails per month that are generated from the more than one million registered users. KANA Response will enhance the existing system through its scalable Web-architected contact center that improves response rate while decreasing costs.

“After evaluating several vendors, we selected KANA’s technology as a crucial element in our customer service strategy,” said chief technology officer Mike Seery. “KANA Response has allowed us to keep the costs of handling our rapidly increasing inbound customer e-mail traffic as low as possible, while still maintaining quality of response. KANA’s real-time overview of e-mail traffic helps us work proactively to improve the service we give to our subscribers.”

Using KANA Response’s automated solution, the employs one customer service representative to respond to all customer comments, suggestions and queries in less than 24 hours. KANA Response automatically prioritizes messages and directs them to the appropriate part of an organization, guaranteeing a prompt answer. The system also allows managers to monitor the status of service activities, including message queues, in real time to continually improve operations.

KANA provides external facing eCRM solutions to global customers such as ADP, Chase, E*Trade, GAP, GM, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Sony, United Airlines, Verizon, and Williams Sonoma. publishes all articles from world business and current affairs publication, The Economist print edition (including those printed only in British copies) plus a searchable archive of all The Economist’s articles back to 1997.

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