Infor Announces New CRM Solution

Mark J

Updated · Dec 13, 2010

Infor has recently announced the general availability of CRM Epiphany Data Advisor. As reported on TMCnet, Infor's latest release has the ability to streamline the process of collecting, consolidating and improving opt-in customer data throughout the global enterprise. Once the data is optimized it can then be used by all CRM Epiphany modules, or other business applications.

“The company is offering this solution as a module and due to this, users have the flexibility to add it into their existing CRM Epiphany or third-party business application infrastructure when they need it.

“Infor notes that the Data Advisor proactively analyzes existing information stored across disparate data stores, then recommends which records should be updated and what missing information should be prioritized for collection. It then eases and automates the process of collecting and consolidating data by recommending which customer interaction channels are best for gathering the information.

“Data Advisor also works with the Epiphany Customer Relationship Backbone to create and consistently update a centralized data store.”

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