In-Memory Computing Boosts Analytical Software Use

Mark J

Updated · Aug 05, 2010

The use of analytical software to make better business decisions appears to be on the rise, with the Asia Pacific ex-Japan market for business analytics set to hit US$2 billion in 2030, growing 6.5 per cent each year. According to this Channel News Asia report, in-memory computing helps to speed up the process of analysis.

“Simon Dale, SVP, Business User and Platform Organization, SAP Asia Pacific and Japan, said: ‘In-memory computing is all about removing the bottleneck which today is disc storage which is just to slow. What we’re looking at here is a way of really speeding up the way people look at information and discovering the insights in that information that can help them run their business better.’

“In-memory computing has been given a boost by falling memory chip prices and growing capacity in recent years.

“Krish Datta, president, SAP Southeast Asia, said: “Memory chips are getting cheaper and cheaper. So very soon it will approach a price point where it is viable.”

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