Innography, Willis Partner for Business Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Aug 12, 2010

Willis Group Holdings has announced it is partnering with Innography to launch Willis PatentWize, an enterprise-wide business intelligence solution that is part of its overall plan to help companies manage their intellectual property risks. As reported on Trading Markets, Willis PatentWize establishes a new standard for dealing with IP risk by providing insights based on the automated correlation of patent, trademark, legal, financial and other key information.

“Powered by the Innography software platform, this IP business intelligence solution displays real-time visualizations that can be leveraged to: improve the strength and marketability of new technologies and inventions; identify emerging industry trends, opportunities and threats; disclose and preempt points of exposure to litigation; reveal details when evaluating merger and acquisition candidates and partnerships; conduct required portfolio reviews and compliance audits; and facilitate intra- and cross-organizational collaboration and reporting.”

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