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Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Feb 22, 2001

Any site enhancements that increase visitor interaction can improve customer satisfaction. And content consumers can be very profitable. But, for small e-businesses, some of the better customer relationship management tools, such as live chat, can often be cost-prohibitive.

With GetMeLive real-time online chat doesn’t get any easier or less expensive than this. This free online help tool will allow you to interact with your customers while also “nudging” them toward purchases.

Getting your live chat up and running is as simple as entering some personal information. Registration generates the necessary code you need to go live – a “Get Help” button that a customer clicks to chat with your e-company representative through a chat window.

In the chat window, the customer service person can answer questions, provide pertinent information and content. Additionally, URLs that direct the customer to a specific location can also be sent through the window.

For those times when the customer care rep is not available, the site visitor receives a message that no one is online and directs them to an e-mail address.

The service is offered for free because the functionality is somewhat limited – only one customer service person at a time can chat on the site. But, for small e-tailers with few employees, this isn’t a concern. When you outgrow the free service, you can buy more comprehensive and robust CRM solutions from iINTERACT — the same company that created GetMeLive.

Live online help has come to be expected by some of the more impatient online shoppers. Implementing this free service can add a significant increase to sales and satisfaction as it positions you ahead of the competition.

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