IntraNet Solutions Speaks Natural Language Staff

Updated · Mar 27, 2001

by Jennifer MacAdam

IntraNet Solutions(R) Inc. announced it has formed a strategic alliance with LexiQuest, a provider of advanced linguistic solutions for the management and access of information.

Under the agreement, IntraNet Solutions will co-market LexiQuest's natural language search technology with its Xpedio Content Management system. The technology will enable IntraNet Solutions' customers worldwide to perform natural language search queries on their Xpedio-powered business Web sites.

Natural language technology allows users to search for information by submitting a question to search engines, rather than keywords or phrases. According to Intranet Solutions, this process generates more relevant, accurate search results than traditional methods, and is easier to use for general business users. The company says the new search capability will enable Xpedio customers to find and access business content on Web sites more quickly and easily.

Reprinted from Intranet Design Magazine

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