Investment in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems to Drop

Mark J

Updated · Jan 14, 2011

When it comes to IT spending this year
enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are expected to receive a little less of the budget, according to a new Forrester Research report. As noted in PC World's overview of the research, although many customers may not adopt them for some time, ERP vendors will continue to roll out features and functionality. Some of the trends include cloud-based deployment options, mobile applications and embedded business process modeling.

“Twenty-five percent of the roughly 900 companies surveyed by Forrester plan to upgrade, expand or implement an ERP system, down from 29 percent in a study last year, according to the report by analyst Paul Hamerman.

“But 72 percent are ‘in a holding pattern for 2011, with plans to stand pat or no specific plans to invest in ERP,' Hamerman wrote.

“Roughly half of ERP customers are running product releases that are two versions behind the current one, according to the report. But expiring support windows and related price increases will spur more upgrades over time.”

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