iPhrase Adds Analytics

boston.internet.com Staff

Updated · Apr 23, 2003

Search specialist iPhrase Technologies has introduced a new analytics package to help companies improve their Web site customer service.

The offering, available with the Cambridge, Mass., company’s One Step platform, provides feedback about what products and services visitors are seeking, the language they use and which requests are going unfulfilled. iPhrase customers can use this data
to fine-tune content.

Andri Pino, an iPhrase vice president, said the product helps companies doing business on the Web to “achieve a balance between keeping costs down and maximizing the online experience for their customers.”

Companies in financial services, e-commerce and other sectors are embracing self-service help. Helping customers find information online is cheaper than through call centers. And though these offerings usually don’t eliminate the need for live help, they free call center representative up by deflecting basic questions.

Future versions will include new reports. For example, a business unit owner will be able to produce a report filtered by specific customer segments — for example a report showing only the interactions of repeat customers. There will be a Linguistic
Processing Report that flags and corrects commonly misspelled words..

iPhrase is privately held and venture-backed. Its customers include Charles Schwab & Co., Yahoo!, Staples, LexisNexis, Lycos and TD Waterhouse.

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