Iron Speed Makes Web App Development Easy

Danny Lesandrini

Updated · Apr 26, 2011

Iron Speed claims to save users hundreds of hours of web application development time with its Designer database and reporting application development tool.

In a product review on Database Journal, longtime columnist Danny Lesandrini used Iron Speed Designer and a Microsoft Access database used to build a simple ASP application in about five minutes.

His verdict? Lesandrini called Iron Speed Designer “without a doubt, the most ingenious product I've ever reviewed. Mastering it will take some investment, but the rewards appear to be disproportionately great.”

He added: “This development tool will build your websites for you. Just point it at a database, check off a few options, and let it run. The final product requires tweaking, but yes, it really is that simple.”

For the full review, see Iron Speed Designer: Web App Development Made Easy at

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