Is Business Analytics The Real Deal or Just a Fad?

Mark J

Updated · Jul 07, 2010

Deloitte Consulting recently questioned the merits of business analytics and several of the firm's leaders weighed in with opinions on applying business analytics. This SmartData Collective article looks at the recent Deloitte Debate that provides insight on how business analytics can be a competitive edge game changer.

“The executives I talk to every day are wrestling with business decisions where a better understanding of data at a very deep level can make all the difference. Low-level analytics just won't get you there. Work your way through the list of ground-shaking developments in business today – none are areas where companies can continue to shoot from the hip. Pricing. Workforce trends. Health reform. Even security and terrorism threats. These are all complex challenges where advanced signal detection capabilities are critical. It's no fad. It's a serious competitive advantage.”

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