Is Social CRM Just Hype or a Source of Real Business?

Mark J

Updated · May 14, 2010

Is Social CRM a source of real business value or simply fool's gold? This Netimperative article takes an in-depth look at Social CRM — what it is and isn't — to determine if it is really an important business issue or a lot of hype tied in with social media hysteria.

“Social CRM is about companies attempting to get back into the conversations controlled by the customer, listening & engaging to build trust and value. It also gives companies the opportunity to stimulate conversations with and between customers and use these to build relationships sooner than would traditionally have taken place, managing a pipeline of opportunities more effectively and producing a higher return.

“Social CRM is an integral component of an overall CRM strategy. However, Social CRM is also different in the sense that traditional CRM has been about structuring & controlling data to help manage relationships more effectively, whereas social is unstructured and much more difficult to categorize by its very nature.”

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