ISM Selects 2001 Top 15 CRM Software Packages Staff

Updated · Feb 15, 2001

CHICAGO–ISM, a CRM research, market analysis and consulting firm, presented their Top 15
Software selections at a special “and the winner is. . .” session at DCI's CRM Conference and
Exposition yesterday evening. The company says continued, robust growth of CRM software
applications, with estimated revenue in excess of $5 billion for 2001, set the tone at the
2001 CRM software “Oscars”.

Barton Goldenberg, president of ISM and co-chairman of DCI's CRM conferences worldwide,
praised the “red-hot CRM industry and the Top 15 software winners that offer the best, most
comprehensive CRM software functionality tested to date.” As CRM companies continue to
consolidate and add functionality, new products are entering the Top 15 elite, said
Goldenberg. Newcomers include Remedy CRM Solutions Suite, mySAP CRM 2000 and

The complete list of Top 15 software packages, listed in alphabetical order by vendor name,

ISM, headquartered in Bethesda, Md., says they selected the Top 15 vendors because of their functional completeness after rigorously
testing dozens of packages in its software lab. It says the winners scored highest in accordance with the 145 selection criteria,
including 91 business functions, 36 technical features and 18 user friendliness/support features.

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