J. D. Edwards, Compaq Launch Cluster Lab

internetnews.com Staff

Updated · Mar 01, 2002

Enhancing its supply chain, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, J.D. Edwards & Co. , the Denver, Colo.-based provider of collaboration software, yesterday announced the opening of its clustered solutions laboratory in Denver, Colo.

The cluster lab will be powered by Compaq ProLiant servers running Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server Clustering (MSCS) and SQL Server 2000, providing an environment to test, prove, and demonstrate a high availability solution offering for business applications, offered through its OneWorld enterprise software solution.

The lab will be used to show prospective OneWorld customers predictable scenarios for disaster recovery, planned downtime and even more efficient resource allocation, which implementing cluster technology can provide.

“The clustered solutions laboratory established with Compaq ProLiant servers is an important move for us, as many of our customers are becoming more aware of disaster recovery and high availability issues,” said Mike Jackson, director of platform technologies, J.D. Edwards.

“We see the market demand for clustering continuing to grow, and J.D. Edwards is positioned to address our customers’ needs. Not only have we developed the solution, but we simplify it by modeling the architecture for customers in our lab,” he added.

“Compaq has long led the industry in clustering and intelligent fault resilient technologies, enabling customers to quickly anticipate and address potential fault situations, greatly improving satisfaction and reducing risk,” said Rhonda Rubinstein, acting vice president of solutions, Compaq Industry Standard Server Group.

“The combination of Compaq ProLiant servers and J.D. Edwards software delivers new levels of availability to critical supply chain, ERP and CRM applications, enabling the IT infrastructure to adapt quickly and easily to constantly changing business needs.”

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