Jaspersoft Announces Secure Reporting Server

Mark J

Updated · Oct 08, 2010

Business intelligence software provider, Jaspersoft, has announced JasperReports Server Professional, a centrally-managed and secure reporting server for scheduling and distributing interactive reports. As mentioned in the company’s online news release, customers are now able to create, deliver and embed interactive reports in a variety of formats for anyone in their organization.

“Extracting information and insights hidden within a company’s data and applications requires robust reporting that can process and organize complex data. Business intelligence reporting is the leading method for converting extracted data into intelligent reports that companies can use to improve their business processes and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

“Powered by JasperReports and iReport, the Java reporting software used by millions of people worldwide, JasperReports Server Professional combines the power of a reporting server with advanced Flash-based charts to give large and small organizations a better choice for report production and delivery.”

Read the Full News Release at Jaspersoft.com

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