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Sean Michael

Updated · Jul 30, 2015

Jive Software continues to add to its collection of mobile communications and collaboration apps, with today’s release of Jive Circle, an app it promises will help employees search through organizational rolls to quickly identify and get in touch with subject matter experts.

The app is especially valuable for companies with dispersed workforces, where it can be highly challenging to communicate with coworkers, a problem exacerbated by “complex and stagnant org charts,” said Colleen Jansen, Jive’s vice president of marketing, in a statement. The aim of Jive Circle, she added, is to “make it easier to find the right colleagues when you need them the most.”

Jive Circle enables users to search a visual organization chart and identify subject matter experts across the organization, then use a browse feature to filter and acess information about their colleagues. Once a colleague is identified, a press-and-hold feature offers options for immediate contact via click-to-call, email or Jive Chime. In the coming weeks, Jive Circle will add a calendar sync function that will provide insight into who within the organization is joining meetings.

The app also gives IT administrators the ability to securely add, edit and deactivate users.

Available across iOS and Android devices, Jive Circle is one of three collaboration apps Jive announced in February as part of a major product refresh. At that time the company was referring to it as Jive People. The new app integrates with the Jive Chime real-time messaging app, also introduced in February.

Since its April launch Jive has released several enhancements to Jive Chime, including the ability for IT teams to directly paste an expanded distribution list from Outlook into an admin console and with one-click invite all employees within the organization to use the apps. At the same time, according to the company, employees can invite their colleagues to join Jive Chime via the mobile app by simply searching contacts from the address book on any device.

Also included in the latest version of Jive Chime is the ability for employees to quickly remove and hide conversations, from either the mobile app or the desktop.

Jive has also introduced a dedicated onboarding program to help existing Jive customers drive rapid internal adoption of Jive Chime.

As Jive told Enterprise Apps Today in February, the apps can be purchased and used together or independently of each other.

Jive Circle will become available for early access on Aug. 31, according to the company.

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