JMP Software Embraces Excel, R Open Source Users

Mark J

Updated · Oct 13, 2010

JMP, a business unit of SAS, has announced the latest version of its JMP statistical discovery software that embraces users of Microsoft Excel and the R open-source statistical programming language. According to the company in this Business Wire news release, analysts can visually and interactively explore what-if scenarios with the JMP Profiler as Excel calculates the model in the background. Also, R users can now display analytic results as JMP’s interactive graphics and access JMP and SAS Analytics.

“JMP 9 can visualize geographic data on maps, explore risk and what-if scenarios using Excel spreadsheets, and predict product quality with a new Degradation platform. JMP 9 also makes it easier for users to make and share add-ins – custom analytic applications – to extend analytics throughout their organizations and the JMP user community. Add-ins enhance the capabilities of JMP and introduce exciting ways to use JMP’s interactive graphics and statistical tools.”

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