Kalido Upgrades to Offer Better Data Governance

EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

Updated · Jun 02, 2010

Enterprise data governance solution provider, Kalido, says the company has made upgrades to its Kalido Information Engine and Kalido Master Data Management that will improve customer productivity and offer more robust data matching capabilities than previously available. As mentioned in the company’s product release statement, the latest release of the Kalido Information Engine also features better control over temporary, time-based changes and offers finer granularity over change logs for audit purposes.

“In particular, the new release includes even richer and more robust data matching capabilities than previously available.
Data managers can use Kalido MDM to define, test, save and execute complex data matching and mapping rules without the need to code complex business logic. This further increases the speed with which customers can deploy MDM for any domain of data.

“The enhancements also enable active participation from the data experts in the process of integrating data.
Sophisticated data matching capabilities can drastically increase the volume and complexity of master data that data stewards can manage, providing a high degree of automation without sacrificing the benefit of human decision-making. The matching engine accurately finds matches between attributes, even for incomplete or partial similarity.”

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