KnoahsARK Sets Sails With Contact Center Suite Staff

Updated · Sep 27, 2005

KnoahSoft, a provider of multi-channel outsourcing services, today announced the general release of its KnoahsARK agent performance management software suite.

The role-based software is designed to ensure the right user gets the right tools and right information at the right time, the company’s president, Ralph Barletta, said. KnoahsARK is built to work with either single-site and multi-site enterprises, and enables IP-based, multi-channel (voice, chat, e-mail) contact centers to maximize the value of their investment in IP technology. Barletta said the 50 to 250 agents is the sweet spot for the software, but it’s capable of going higher.

KnoahsARK is designed to offer recording, remote monitoring, screen capture, analytics and additional customizable quality tools to help call centers monitor and train their employees.

Using its real-time monitoring tools, the software attempts to offer greater visibility into the customer service process. For example, KnoahArk users have the option of reviewing any interaction between customers and agents. They can also record every transaction.

KnoahsARK is based on the in-house call center solution used by it parent company, Knoah Solutions, which has been using the software to improve agent productivity and quality since its inception in 2001. “We have commercialized KnoahsARK to enable other contact centers to achieve the same success we have achieved using KnoahsARK to manage hundreds of agents at multiple contact centers,” said Barletta.

KnoahsARK, Barletta said, offers maximum transparency into the performance management of numerous levels within a contact center. Features include recording, monitoring, screen capture and analytics, which are designed to measure and improve individual agent performance. For management and reporting, KnoahsARK 1.1 noew features a dashboard and OLAP capabilities.

Plans for future versions of KnoahsARK include include focusing on agent performance management as well as providing training and human resources services.

In terms of pricing, Barletta said the company’s goal is to be about 50 percent less expensive than similar products in market. That works out to about $500 per agent, he said.

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