Kofax Updates Its Business Process Application

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Updated · May 07, 2010

Business process automation provider, Kofax, has announced a new version of its enterprise application, Kofax Front Office Server 3.0. The application is designed to allows users to capture forms and documents at points of origin for accelerated processing through Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules software. As noted in the company's product release statement, Kofax Front Office Server 3.0 extends the power of its current document automation solutions directly to distributed branch personnel and other remote users.

“Kofax Front Office Server 3.0 enhances the functionality, performance and value of Kofax solutions by enabling front office and remote users to directly initiate document driven processes and workflows. Tighter platform integration extends users' abilities by enabling workflow administration through Kofax Capture, thereby consolidating these capabilities on a single platform, and improving office automation through a unified system that is easy to use and deploy. As a result, organizations can significantly improve the efficiency of document driven operations, speed processing times, reduce costs and enhance customer service.

“The new release empowers users to scan and extract data from documents in a fast, efficient and more cost effective manner by directly integrating MFPs, desktop scanners and other devices into document driven business processes. In addition, the new version allows the processing of emailed or faxed documents to be initiated from an MFP panel and receive the same administrative control options as documents sent to a business process. Such capabilities provide administrators with greater document control, visibility and traceability.”

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