Kusnetzky Group: Predictive Analytics Give Organizations an Edge

Mark J

Updated · Mar 01, 2011

Kusnetzky Group, Inc. has recently posted Predictive Analytics for IT — Giving Organizations an Edge in a Rapidly Changing World, another position paper intended to review the forces changing the market for information technology, virtualization and cloud computing.

“Modern applications are no longer monolithic blocks of code running on a single server. They are now architected as distributed services that are linked together to create a specific function. These services may reside anywhere on the Internet or behind the firewall in the organization's own datacenters.

“Each of these distributed services might be replicated on several different systems to improve reliability, performance and resilience. The systems may be physical, virtual or cloud-based. Physical and virtual systems might be housed in the organization's datacenter or off-premise in a service provider's datacenter. Virtual systems might be running on the organization's own equipment or be hosted on a system in the cloud somewhere.”

Read the Paper Overview at PR Web

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