Legato Selects PrimeLearning.com to Conduct Web-based Customer-first Training

Debra A.

Updated · May 10, 2001

Legato Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: LGTO), a worldwide leader in enterprise storage management software, Wednesday (May 9) announced that PrimeLearning.com, will offer Legato employees Web-based continuing education training for soft skills, such as communication, negotiating, customer care, sales, team building and management.

"PrimeLearning.com is excited to work with a company such as Legato that believes in always putting the customer first," said Terry O’Brien, founder and CEO of PrimeLearning.com. "The eLearning curriculum offerings that Legato has selected for their employees are designed to refine skills that employees already have, thus raising the bar on the quality of customer skills the employees will learn."

The PrimeLearning.com curricula offerings are presented in a combination of multimedia driven applications as well as several interactive virtual classrooms. The students, Legato employees, will have the opportunity to interact with an instructor and other students while watching and listening to a presentation from their computer terminals. The employees will have unlimited access to the eLearning system and resources for each curriculum to further hone their skills.

"When we launched the Legato Education Initiative on April 10, we stated then that our goal with education was not only to assist in improving the knowledge and capabilities of our customer base, but also of Legato employees. PrimeLearning.com does just that," said George I. Purnell, Legato’s vice president and chief learning officer.

"One of the most powerful features the PrimeLearning architecture has to offer is the ability for all Legato management to easily track their staff’s learning progress on selected criteria and to adjust the level of expertise for each course, thus raising the bar on the quality of education they’re receiving and ultimately on the quality of customer care they’re delivering. Keeping in line with Legato’s commitment to customer first."

Legato Systems, Inc. specializes in providing customers with a seamless approach for protecting, moving and making available business-critical company information. Legato pioneered the industry standard for storage management software products. More than 10,000 customers and 65,000 licenses worldwide, including Fortune 1000 companies that utilize Legato’s software products and services. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Legato also maintains offices in 23 countries.

PrimeLearning.com, a corporate eLearning solutions provider, delivers comprehensive business skills training exclusively over the Internet. Curricula include areas such as: communication, customer service, diversity, general management, interpersonal skills, leadership, project management, sales, and team building.

PrimeLearning.com has partnered with world-renowned experts such as American Management Association, Gower Publishing Ltd., John Wiley & Sons Publications, Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, KCI, and Xerox Corporation to provide content with proven results.

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