Leveraging Electronic Customer Relationship Management

Mark J

Updated · Jan 27, 2011

This BeyeNetwork article is the first segment of a two-part series exploring the significant role of data integration in electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) analytics. In this article e-CRM is introduced and a foundation for research and propose is explored.

“In today's globally competitive marketplace, organizations of all sizes can no longer ignore the value of business intelligence (BI) technologies and the competitive advantage they offer through optimal, or at the very least enhanced, decision making. These decision support technologies provide business value by discovering analytical insights and incorporating them into organizational processes. This value creation process requires the integration of various technologies and data—a challenging and complex endeavor for even the experts. Although we have a growing arsenal of robust programming APIs along with web-based data standards and universal communication protocols, many technologies remain disjointed. From search engines results and social networks to XML data sources to data warehouses and government databases to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications hosted in the “cloud” in geographically dispersed data centers, the integration of these technologies to improve decision making is a growing but necessary challenge in creating business value (Kavanagh, 2009).”

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