Leverance Makes a LEAP

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Updated · Oct 30, 2001

Natural language processing provider Leverance unveiled its new Language Enabling Application Platform (LEAP) during the October 24-26 SpeechTEK Conference and Exhibition in New York. LEAP is a customizable knowledgebase-driven software platform that can be embedded in third party software to support advanced language recognition.

Some of the types of products best supported by the LEAP system include speech recognition systems, report writer/data mining systems and call center automation. The platform supports multiple meanings for words and phrases and allows simultaneous access to multiple information sources. LEAP was designed for quick implementation and is characterized by many features:

  • The system stores all of its information about a product or application in SQL data tables and can learn new pieces of a sentence that refer to a known concept, learn entirely new sentences, and new ways to indicate date or time references. As new knowledge is learned, it is used as a basis for learning more new knowledge.
  • LEAP operates on any application and can be integrated to teach the language recognition engine all of the functions that the application supports.
  • Users are able to say whatever they want to the highly conversational system without having to speak in a particular manner or sequence, enabling users to speak in their natural language. LEAP has several methods to support the choosing of correct words, phrases and sentence construction from any given utterance and uses a series of highly complex algorithms to determine the intended meaning of the user and generates useful responses.
  • LEAP can support massively complex conversations including technical support conversations.
  • The underlying technology of LEAP has been developed primarily to drive a report writing product called IDOS. This product uses a language recognition interface to help casual business users write complex reports from their corporate database, benefiting companies that produce data mining products, report writers, decision support systems, etc.
  • LEAP runs in several modes including server-based or workstation, or a combination of the two. LEAP can also be hosted in a server farm setting.

“Leverance’s unique Language Enabling Application Platform is a real breakthrough in the field, offering technology companies the opportunity to provide their customers and employees with a reliable and easy-to-use natural language solution,” said Chuck Cosby, founder and CEO of Leverance. “Until now the ability to accurately control technology applications and business concepts using natural language has been a dream realized only in science fiction. With LEAP, Leverance is finally delivering on the promise of natural language processing — a humanized technology experience.”

Headquartered in Bothell, Wash., Leverance specializes in language solutions that allow people to interact with technology.

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