Making Business Intelligence Infrastructure Go Faster

Mark J

Updated · Feb 18, 2011

One of the most daunting challenge most IT organizations face is a never-ending list of requests for business intelligence enhancements. As noted in this Information Management report, Forrester Research recently surveyed BI decision-makers and found that 70 percent faced business requirements that changed monthly or even more frequently.

“The rapid change reflected in the number of BI requests is a symptom of our global economy and the new speed of business. Today, businesses are competing not just in efficiency but in their ability to sense market conditions and quickly respond. And in our connected world, market conditions change more quickly than ever before. Whether it's a global supply chain running leaner through tighter integration with suppliers, or always-on consumers spreading information with smartphones and iPads, any disturbance in the system can ripple throughout the world in minutes. In many cases, this requires decision-makers to have today's data because last week's data is just not good enough.”

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