Marketing Automation Tools in Chrome, via New Act-On App

Ann All

Updated · Mar 16, 2015

Productivity can take a hit when users switch from one application to another multiple times a day. It’s an especially big problem in marketing, thanks to the plethora of tools in use at many organizations. According to a recent survey by Act-On and Gleanster Research, 83 percent of marketers cited fragmented systems as a major problem.

Act-On is addressing the problem with Act-On Anywhere, an application that makes Act-On engagement data, assets and functionality available right from within a user’s current browsing context.

“Our strategy at Act-On is to enable our customers to take full advantage of the incredible explosion of new tools and services while still getting the benefits of an integrated marketing automation platform,” said Raghu Raghavan, CEO of Act-On Software, in a statement. “Act-On Anywhere does this by augmenting those technologies with marketing automation capability from right within their browser.”

Among the ways users can leverage the app:

  • The app makes it possible to embed calls-to-action in Web pages and blogs created in Web-based content management systems such as WordPress, using images, landing pages and forms from the Act-On Media Library.
  • It allows users to access Act-On’s SEO functionality directly from the browser to optimize content while creating it. Marketers can also run SEO audits on their websites after creating them.
  • Users can access marketing assets stored in the Act-On platform, such as links to multimedia content or landing pages, from within social media applications and track engagement within Act-On to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns. 
  • Users can optimize interactions on Gmail by using Act-On’s pre-built email templates within Gmail and tracking opens and clicks for all email sent.
  • Users can access marketing engagement data about any company or contact in Act-On while using any browser-based CRM system.

“Act-On Anywhere improves my experience and workflow as a marketer,” said Jordan Fraczek, Marketing Manager at BrainSell Technologies. “Being able to quickly retrieve content from our Act-On Media Library within our WordPress environment helps to increase marketing productivity while making the content creation process more efficient.”

According to the company, Act-On Anywhere is now available to Act-On customers in beta and will become generally available next month from the Google Chrome store.

Gal Josefsberg, VP of product management and marketing at Act-On Software, said the company opted to introduce the app first for Chrome as it is the most widely used Web browser in the U.S. However, he said via email, “we are definitely looking to expand this to newer platforms, including iPhone.”

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