Marketing Firm Starts Pay-for-Performance Plan

Roy Mark

Updated · Jul 26, 2001

Internet direct marketing firm e-centives, Inc., is starting a single pay-for-performance model which includes performance-based pricing for both customer acquisition and retention solutions.

The company’s PerformOne drives retention through an outsourced email solution, which delivers targeted, personalized email delivery, database analysis, list management and intricate campaign reporting and analysis services.

“We are so confident in our technology infrastructure, services, and direct marketing expertise, that we can assure marketers they will only pay when their campaign succeeds, regardless of their goal — acquisition or retention,” said Dadi Akhavan, e president and chief operating officer of the Bethesda, Md.-based e-centives.

PerformOne tracks the success of marketers’ initiatives through individual products, promotions and emails, providing online reports and in-depth analysis, to determine which variables are driving the best results. e-centives allows the testing, data analysis, and optimization critical to successful marketers with a single source of reports across multiple products.

The solution also drives online traffic to marketers’ sites through three distinct channels:

*Strategically placed promotions target more than 10 million pre-qualified consumers at partner sites across the Web;

*Products listed in the Inktomi search engine; and

*Product catalogues are listed in the marketplaces of top Internet sites.

“e-centives has been helping marketers harness the power of the Internet to enhance their relationships with consumers since the company was founded in 1996,” said Akhavan. “PerformOne was designed for marketers seeking easy-to-manage campaigns, built upon a solid understanding of their customers.”

The company has established relationships with companies including Excite, Intuit, AT&T, and Chase, as well as more than 150 leading brand-name marketers such as, Circuit City and Restoration Hardware.

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