Matrix Technology, Urban Science Form CRM Analytics Software Alliance Staff

Updated · Feb 15, 2001

CLEARWATER, FL & DETROIT, MI–Matrix Technology Group Inc., a new generation technology
consolidation company, and Urban Science, a customized solutions provider, say they have
created a marketing and technology alliance to provide integrated CRM Analytics and Marketing
Automation Software tools.

The companies say the alliance brings Customer Relationship Management High Velocity
Marketing featuring simplified, seamless integration of real-time, SAS-based modeling and
scoring onto a single CRM platform. They say Matrix will be offering its DataLodgic marketing
automation suite, while Urban Science will be providing its GainSmarts data mining software
and expertise. The companies claim this will provide clients with a complete marketing
automation solution from the customer analytics to the customer touch-points.

The allied technologies will be targeted at Fortune 500 companies that are implementing
database marketing initiatives in both consumer and business markets and will be available to
both existing and new customers of both Matrix and Urban Science.

“Customer Relationship Management has become a business necessity,” said Rick DeMartini, CEO of
Matrix. “Companies today need to plan marketing strategies and tactics with a thorough
understanding of consumers’ needs and desires. Matrix and Urban Science combined give them the
tools to dynamically analyze and react to customers’ needs while efficiently planning,
managing and measuring ROI in marketing campaigns.”

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