Meeting the Demand for Skilled Analytics People

Mark J

Updated · Aug 05, 2010

According to this IT Business Edge story, the limiting factor is a current general lack of professionals skilled in analytics. This article details the current demand for skilled people to make sense of the data and how IBM is dealing with the general shortage of analysts skilled in using analytics software.

“In the case of IBM, which has anchored much of its Smarter Planet strategy around the broad availability of quality analytics, the general shortage of analysts skilled in using analytics software means that the company will package a number of analytic services to its portfolio in select niche areas in the years ahead.

“According to Frank Balboni, global business lead for business analytics and optimization, IBM will proceed cautiously into the services sector given the sensitivities customers have about making proprietary information available outside of their own organization. But he expects to see a fairly large number of third-party service providers emerge in any number of vertical industries to provide analytic-based services.”

Read the Full Story at IT Business Edge

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