M-Files Document Management Available for Salesforce CRM

Mark J

Updated · Dec 16, 2010

Motive Systems, the developer of M-Files easy document management software has announced that M-Files for Salesforce CRM is available for deployment on AppExchange 2. As reported by the company in this news release on SF Gate, the enterprise cloud-computing platform, M-Files for Salesforce CRM runs in the cloud – just like Salesforce – so there is no need to purchase or configure a server, one of the more technical and expensive aspects of traditional document management solutions.

“M-Files for Salesforce CRM improves the efficiency and productivity of sales and service teams using Salesforce CRM by organizing and managing customer-related documents such as proposals, contracts, presentations, sales collateral and email correspondence. Just tag any document to related records in Salesforce CRM, such as leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, or cases, and it's then easy and fast to locate any important customer-related document directly from the Salesforce CRM user interface. It's also possible to access any document or Salesforce record directly with the familiar Windows Explorer interface of M-Files right from the standard Save and Open commands in any Windows application – without having to launch Salesforce CRM.”

Read the Full Story at SF Gate

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