Microsoft Claims Ex-Manager Stole CRM Cloud Computing Plans

Mark J

Updated · Feb 17, 2011

In a Washington State Superior Court, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has accused a Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) recruit of stealing Its Cloud computing plans. As noted in this report on TMCnet, Matt Miszewski, a former Microsoft manager was in possession of 25,000 pages of its closely held 2011 sales strategies, internal playbooks, competitive analysis and marketing materials during discovery.

“Seeking to turn restraining order into a preliminary injunction, Microsoft, told the court that Miszewski's employment at CRM rival Salesforce threatens Microsoft with actual and substantial injury.'

“‘It defies reason to assume that Miszewski could perform his new role at (News – Alert) without using Microsoft's extensive confidential information, and Miszewski has already evidenced a clear disregard for both his non-compete obligation and the integrity of Microsoft's confidential materials,' said Microsoft.”

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