Microsoft Needs Apps for Cloud Share

Mark J

Updated · Feb 16, 2011

Information Week calls Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) business applications strategy a fragmented and incoherent mish-mash of small- and midsized-business focused products. Without apps to win in the cloud market, the article suggests that Microsoft will lose share in the long run to other vendors with more comprehensive SaaS solutions, such as NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N).

“A great deal of Apple’s mobile success in our view has to do with the simple fact that it has a killer app in music, and every developer now writes to iOS. Oracle has skyrocketed to a dominant position in the enterprise software industry, in our view, because it’s a legitimate enterprise class business applications vendor that can leverage the R&D and scale of its application server and database teams.

“Even couldn’t roll out its platform strategy until it had built critical mass with its popular sales force automation application. SAP seems to have also found this religion as it bought Sybase and launched its own internally developed data warehousing appliance called Hana.”

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