Microsoft Replaces End of Life CRM Systems

Mark J

Updated · Nov 18, 2010

As first-generation CRM systems near end of life, Microsoft is offering replacement systems that have been the beneficiaries of significant investment over the last several years. According to this report on CRM Buyer, when you add to that its stance on cloud computing, a picture emerges of an imperative for change to lower-cost systems.

“More interesting still is this consideration: The last time the world paid massive attention to its back-office computing needs was Y2K, a term made famous because companies everywhere had to update their back-office systems to accommodate four-digit date formats. Rather than heavily edit aging mainframe and AS400 applications to account for the new millennium, companies en mass scrapped their big iron and took on lighter ERP applications that ran better and cheaper.

“But that was 10 years ago. It was so long ago that client server was the main computing metaphor, social networking was barely on the horizon, CRM didn't have an agreed-on name and you could actually board an airplane without taking your shoes off. A great deal has changed in the intervening decade, especially in software — enough to make it worthwhile to reexamine existing systems with an eye toward taking advantage of improvements to both economize and to take advantage of new business processes.”

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