Mitel Allies with HP

Steven Liversedge

Updated · Jun 14, 2001

Mitel Networks Wednesday signed a technology and marketing Memorandum of Understanding with Hewlett Packard (HP), the two companies thereby forming a strategic alliance in the IP telephony market aimed at delivering customer-focused, converged communications solutions.

Mitel Networks is a “provider of next generation IP telephony solutions, and an “industry leader in broadband technologies,” articularly the integration of voice and data infrastructes. HP, of course, manufactures and sell IT hardware, also marketing themselves as consultants in the arena.

The terms of the agreement include joint product development, sales and marketing engagements and solution delivery planning. The two companies will examine opportunities for product integration in network infrastructures, desktop peripherals and mobile connectivity.

John McHugh, HP general manager, said, “Mitel, a well-established telephony solution provider, brings the price, performance, reliability and functionality HP customers demand to deploy IP telephony in conjunction with HP switching products.

The companies aim to combine Mitel's IP telephony products with HP's switching products to create end-to-end data and telephony solutions over a single infrastructure.

Netcom CRM is Mitel's “premium South African partner;” their Chief Operating Officer, Gary Shepherd, said, “Both organizations are well-respected in their industries for excellence in networked solutions — Mitel with voice and HP with data infrastructure.”

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