Mobile Business Intelligence in the Oilfields

Mark J

Updated · Jul 29, 2010

WellPoint Systems has announced that its Mobile Intelligent Dashboard for the iPhone/iPad is providing mobile Business Intelligence (BI) for the upstream oil and gas industry. As mentioned in the company’s news release, the Mobile Intelligent Dashboard extends WellPoint System’s widely adopted BI tool, the Intelligent Dashboard, from the office computer to oilfields and beyond.

“Connecting critical information from diverse data sources across an exploration and production (E&P) company, the Intelligent Dashboard alerts executives to anomalies, predicts trends on organizational metrics, and enables more strategic decision-making. It places powerful analytical tools and key performance indicators (KPI’s) immediately into the hands of executives, operations personnel and anyone in the enterprise that needs to act on financial, lease and production activity and performance.

“‘Business Intelligence provides the insight that E&P executives need to maintain competitive advantage in the global market. WellPoint Systems provides the BI tools, the industry knowledge and the connectivity across disparate data sources to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time,’ said Richard Slack, CEO of WellPoint Systems. ‘We are proud that a market leading company with the operational complexity of EnerVest experiences the value in WellPoint’s Intelligent Dashboard, especially since they set the bar for many best practices in the upstream oil and gas industry.'”

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