NaviSite Opens Up On Customer Service

Natasha Gray

Updated · Nov 16, 2001

NaviSite, Inc. , the Andover, Mass.-based managed service and hosting provider, Tuesday announced that it will now track and openly publish operational metrics related to customer service.

Through doing so, NaviSite says it hopes to raise the bar for proactive customer care, accountability and effective problem resolution, noting that it’s important that customers outsourcing applications have assurance that their provider will respond to any problems that arise.

According to the company, the NaviSite Operational Metrics, including Site Availability, Mean Time to Notify and Mean Time to Respond, provide detailed statistics on NaviSite’s performance in time-sensitive situations that might have serious implications for customers’ businesses.

“The cost of downtime can be devastating to businesses that operate mission-critical Web sites,” says Tricia Gilligan, CEO of NaviSite. “We understand the costs associated with lost revenue and lost opportunities. By openly publishing NaviSite’s operational metrics in these critical areas, we are proving our continued focus on the ROI of our customers’ Web-based operations,” she adds.

According to Dana Tardelli, Research Analyst at industry analyst firm Aberdeen Group, NaviSite’s willingness to publish its metrics is impressive: “NaviSite has taken a leadership role in the managed service provider industry by openly publishing its operational metrics,” she says.

“Hosting and managed service providers in today’s market need to be accountable to their customers whose business operations depend upon problem resolution and customer care,” explains Tardelli.

NaviSite says it has been tracking statistics on its operational performance for more than 18 months and argues that they provide critical insight to NaviSite’s managers so they improve the operation and positively impact customer experience.

The company explains that over 50 reports are created daily that track information on the performance of the network, the number of incident tickets opened and closed and the success rate of customer backups.

NaviSite is publishing metrics in these areas, which it says provides details on the availability of its customers’ Web sites and the time taken by NaviSite to notify them of a problem and their response to it.

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