NetSuite Updates OneWorld Cloud ERP

Vangie Beal

Updated · Oct 24, 2011

Cloud ERP vendor NetSuite has a new version its cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for global companies, offering a number of new and enhanced features for inter-company management, international business management and back-office ERP and analytics.

NetSuite OneWorld is a cloud ERP solution that combines ERP/accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), ecommerce and professional services automation (PSA) in to a single cloud-based ERP system.

Automated inter-company management in NetSuite OneWorld 2011 can help businesses increase the efficiency of the close process and streamline compliance through expanded support for international taxation and audit reporting.

“NetSuite OneWorld 2011 provides yet another reason for the largest multinational enterprises to cast off the costly aging on-premise software and embrace the cloud, and gain the transformative efficiency and transparency already enjoyed by over 10,000 companies and subsidiaries,” stated Gary Wiessinger, vice president of product management at NetSuite.

For manufacturers and wholesalers, NetSuite OneWorld 2011 delivers advanced inventory costing capabilities and “slice and dice” insight for every user, with real-time OLAP style multi-dimensional analytics. According to NetSuite, this allows decision makers to easily analyze every business dimension and metric, and share the results without having to take the data offline into Excel, enabling faster decisions.

CRM Upgrades

NetSuite OneWorld 2011 also offers enhanced CRM. NetSuite’s new Product Affinity analytics drive more effective data for upsell campaigns by providing insights into correlations between products typically purchased together.

New sales activity management features provide instant insight and reporting on the latest activity between customer or prospects and their sales to eliminate the risk of anyone dropping the ball, and maximize customer touch.

“The advanced features in NetSuite OneWorld 2011 allow us to further drive the efficiency, speed and control of our financial process across our international operations,” stated Marc Morin, Corporate Controller at Case-Mate. “By running in the cloud we’re able to get new global enterprise management ERP capabilities automatically, enabling us to continually improve our business performance and productivity, without the upgrade headaches and cost of legacy on-premise software.”

NetSuite also provides broader international business management with the expansion of tax reporting to over 40 countries across the globe, including Belgium, Chile, Colombia, France, Ireland, Norway, Peru, Romania and Uruguay.

NetSuite’s tax reporting is automated for each country. Additional tax audit compliance support is provided by enabling GL data to be provided in SAF-T for countries in the European Union, IAF for Singapore, or CSV. New native language support in Dutch and French Canadian brings NetSuite’s language support to 17 languages and dialects.


Vangie Beal
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