Netvibes Announces New Business Intelligence Dashboard Solution

Mark J

Updated · Dec 09, 2010

Netvibes has recently introduced a new Dashboard Intelligence solution that he company claims to be an effective way to transform the daily chaos of the real-time Web into tangible trends, alerts and business processes. As noted in this news report on SF Gate, new SmartTagging technology extracts hidden expertise, trends and sentiments from everyday work actions (clicks, searches, blog reads, Tweets, etc.) in any sized organization.

“Unlike traditional business intelligence, Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence lets businesses transform the intangible, social, real-time Web into tangible trends, expert knowledge and business actions. Dashboard Intelligence is a new way for organizations to:

“1. Monitor everything on real-time dashboards–from competitors to customers, personal apps to enterprise systems and more

“2. Self-organize millions of intangible actions within a company (clicks, searches, Tweets, blog reads, conversations) into tangible trends and knowledge

“3. Alert and activate business processes automatically and instantly”

Read the Full Story at SF Gate

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