New in the CRM Forecast for 2011

Mark J

Updated · Dec 08, 2010

Will social CRM make it big in 2011? This ZDNet blog outlines a forecast of what will be big in CRM for next year. The list includes mobile CRM growth, social CRM integration and analytics insight apps.

“Analytics exhibits the most significant growth of any area with Customer Insight apps leading the way – This is the big Kahuna. As is self-evident, there is an EXPLOSION of social data that's now available via the web for companies to mine. Being able to capture it, granularly interpret it, decide how to use it and then make decisions on the basis of that use is perhaps the most fundamental of needs for now and several years ahead. Couple that with the interest that key corporate execs have in ‘getting closer to the customer' and we are talking about what is probably the most important trend for you to pay attention to in 2011.”

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