New Release from DataDistilleries Staff

Updated · Dec 10, 2001

DataDistilleries has released the latest version of its CRM integrated suite, designed to enable companies to identify opportunities within the customer interaction. DD Series Version 3.0 consists of the Analytical Suite and the Real-Time Suite, which work with current CRM systems and deliver a unified view of each customer across all channels (call center, e-mail, or Web site). Additionally, the application identifies high-risk and potentially fraudulent customers, and predicts the most profitable offer to be presented to customers during relevant interactions.

The Analytical Suite provides the core analytical capabilities that help enterprises discover distinct patterns of customer behavior in market real time. Features of the application include Predictive Analytics; Marketing Oriented Analytical Process; and Actionable Behavior Models.

The Real-Time Suite helps identify profitable opportunities and enables real-time action before market conditions change. Abilities of the software include Advanced Offer Qualification; Value Based Optimization; and Real Time Recommendations.

“Whether companies are trying to retain customers through targeted marketing campaigns, increase the value of each customer by turning call centers into profit centers, or decrease the costs of each transaction by performing real-time claims processing, DataDistilleries’ predictive, real-time analytics is changing the face of CRM by maximizing the value of customer interactions,” added Marcel Holsheimer, founder and president of DataDistilleries.

DD Series Version 3.0 offers valuable new enhancements, such as the Unified Customer View capability that ensures that all interactions begin with a comprehensive view of the customer and a complete understanding of the current situation. The new Advanced Offer Qualification capability uses up-to-the-moment customer information and automatically eliminates those offers that represent too great a risk to the company. The Value Based Optimization feature ensures that the most viable, and profitable, offer is presented at the moment of interaction.

Headquartered in both the Netherlands and New York City, DataDistilleries provides analytical CRM solutions to companies such as ING/Postbank, ABN AMRO-bank, CenterParcs, and Libertel-Vodafone, and has entered partnership agreements with Siebel Systems, BroadVision, and Accenture.

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